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2/3 Aaa Solar Battery

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Charger For 2/3AA, 2/3AAA, Ni-Cd & Ni-MH Rechargeable Solar Light Battery
5x 2/3AAA 1.2V Flat top Rechargeable Battery w/Tabs For Razor FRS Solar DIY Pack

5x 2/3AAA 1.2V Flat top

By Exell Battery


2/3aaa Battery

This Aaa Battery for Solar lights is sensational for enthusiasts who ache for the convenience of a regular Battery power but the quality of the origami knot, this Aaa Battery is first-rate for lovers who wish for the quality of a traditional Battery power but the convenience of a standard Battery power. It imparts a long life and can be charged through the air using provided usb cable, this Solar Battery charger will charge your 2 pcs of 23 Aaa 1. 2 v 400 mah rechargeable Battery ni-mh button top for Solar lights in 2 minutes! So you can keep your lights on even when the Battery is low! This Solar Battery for led lights is first-rate for enthusiasts wanting for a reliable and high-power substitute when using those large and bright lights, this Battery is fabricated with high-quality nickel-metal-hydride (ni-mh) batteries in mind, and with its large size and high power it can easily make good use of those bright lights. The 8 pcs, of ni-mh Solar batteries for led lights is a terrific amount to make even the most withdrawn lights look good. This Solar Battery charger is superb for lovers who crave to adopt their Solar Battery to power their light bulb, the charger can be used to charge the 23 aa 23 Aaa ni-cd and ni-mh Solar battery.