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21700 Battery Wraps

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Cheap 21700 Battery Wraps

These lithium Battery Wraps are beneficial surrogate to keep your Battery in good condition and protect it from environment damage, with these wraps, you can be sure that your pvc Battery is safe from damage and will last longer. This x2 std model 2070021700 is fabricated of pvc material and it extends a tube and a wrap, it is designed to keep the Battery in good condition. This is a must have Battery wrap for admirers who have a lot of black pvc batteries, the Battery Wraps will insulate the Battery and help keep it safe and sound. This is a set of five wrap jackets for a green 21700 battery, the Wraps can protect the Battery from damage and also keep it clean and free of dust. The sets include insulators to protect the Battery and a zippered case to protect the insulators.