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Vruzend Battery Kit

Introducing the v1, 6 diy solderless Battery holder! This little device allows you to build your own, over the counter electricity.

VRUZEND high power battery kit V2.0  DIY Ebike Electric Bike

Vruzend Battery Kit Amazon

This Battery Kit comes with an 5, 5 driver that can be added to the Battery building kit. This driver can be used to fix and connect the Battery to the unit, the driver also can be used to remove the Battery and charge it. The Battery Kit is a top-notch alternative to keep your Battery in condition by using a simple mount and diy welds, the Battery Kit is code-marked to ensure accuracy and safety. This is a v1, 6 diy solderless 18650 Battery holder no spot weld colour coded Battery holder kit. This pen Battery holder is best-in-the-class for suitors who are wanting to buy a new or used 18650 Battery even though it fit's in the v1, 6 diy solderless 18650 Battery holder. This is a first rate piece to have in your storage so you can use it when you get a new battery, the Battery Kit is sterling for a suitor scouring to get their electric bike on the go. This Kit includes two v2, 0-based electric motorcycles. The Battery Kit enables you to charge your electric motorcycle using your regular electricity supply, making it an exceptional surrogate for an individual on the go.